2nd Elesias 1482 DR – Session Four

2nd Elesias 1482 DR


My Dearest EB

It has been both tedious as well as exhilarating these past four days.

Before starting out on our hunt for the Radäg pit, Hazadad put forth a proposal to the group that we amend, well replace, our group charter.

After much discussion, we decided to stay with our current agreement.

All through the day we walked, searching for sign of the beasts, but to no avail. Fletch found us a suitable campsite by two oaks and an elm. It was a pleasant place to spend the evening, but our morning visitors were less than welcome. During the false dawn, we were beset by a flock of stirges! Thankfully the foul bloodsuckers were swiftly put down.

Walking again throughout the day, we came upon the ruins of Coneybury near the end of day. Hazadad noticed some smoke rising to the southeast of the ruins; he thought perhaps a campfire or several.

Fletch and Gregori found us the most defensible place to stay, the ruins of an inn. Time and battle had worn the place down, until now it was nothing more than some tattered walls. We switched the watch rotation and Eldon and I drew the midwatch. During our watch a gang of Hobgoblins attempted to ambush us, but noticing them I was able to alert Eldon and waken Fletch. Eldon melted into the shadows and I heard the chanted glyphs of a Sleep spell. Alas only one fell prey to his spell. I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and cast Invisibility upon myself; I then quietly walked unseen towards the one that Eldon had ensorcelled. Fletch chose that moment to lean up and feather two of the brutes with his arrows. Thran, also having been woken up, stood up and whacked one with his axe, staving in its chest.

Xenya rose up to attack one with her blade and Eldon took advantage to rip it’s kidneys out. Meanwhile another Hobgoblin rushed Hazadad and struck our healer, Hazadad reacted by casting Sanctuary upon himself, confounding the Hobgoblin. Calling upon another of the new spells I learned, I cast a ball of flame aloft, where it split into three fiery javelins. These sped off to pierce and burn their way through the one attacking Hazadad, killing it and wounding another brute that had been standing off, firing arrows at us. The last two chose that moment to run, but the Dwarven brothers, as befits the honor of their race, did not let go of the grudge. Thran advanced and cast Guided Bolt at the fleeing archer, while his brother advanced and also cast Guided Bolt at the other fleeing beast. Both died from the damage inflicted. This left only the sleeper, deciding to end the things misery quickly, I cast Shocking Grasp upon the thuggish beast, but I stumbled at the end of the incantation and the spell was not as powerful as I had hoped. This resulted in the beast wakening instead of expiring. Gregori rushed to confront the Hobgoblin, getting a nasty slash across both his thighs. Fletch picked that moment to sink an arrow almost to the fletching in its chest, killing it. We searched the robbers, coming up with eight Lions, six Falcons and two Thumbs as well as a wanted poster. The poster showed a poor representation of one of the dwarf brothers, we could not decide which, offering 25 Lions for their capture. After a short rest to clean up, we ate and headed off towards the smoke Hazadad had seen the night before.


We walked another day, coming upon the ruins of a watch tower upon a hill. Approaching the tower we were assaulted by a deathly stench of decay and soon spotted Zombies, shambling about a camp. The camp consisted of a large colorful tent and a table. A human wizard, dressed in red robes with a large tattoo on his forehead came out, asking our business in the area. We talked for a few moments, until suddenly Fletch drew and loosed, striking the wizard. The wizard, I later found that the fellow was a Red Wizard of Thay, commanded the zombies to attack and began casting a spell. Thran rushed a zombie and struck it down, returning it to its rightful state, dead. Hazadad meanwhile, cast guided Bolt at the human and killed him. We then led the zombies on a chase and slowly shot or chopped them down. We searched the wizards tent and recovered five Tricrowns, 20 Lions, 20 BlueEyes, and 35 Falcons, a pearl, which Eldon estimated to be about 100 Lions worth, a Potion of Healing, a bone tube with a Scroll of Darkness written on it, and a jeweled box, within which lay a Ring of Minor Protection. I was also able to recover the fellow’s Spellbook. I think I will take what spells I can and convert his, into a backup Spellbook. We found notes indicating that this foul human was looking for magical artifacts here at the tower and that he feared the Orc gang to the south at Wyvern Tor. We spent the night quietly at the ruins and in the morning, headed south towards Wyvern Tor.

As we searched near the Tor, Fletch spotted a cave opening, with one Orc guard, watching as best it could while the light hurt its eyes. We devised a plan, where Gregori would attempt to close with the beast, holding Eldon as a “captive”, the two of them attacking when at the guard. Unfortunately Tymora’s hand was not upon us, Hazadad struck his shin and his resultant cry of pain alerted the Orc. Hazadad quickly recovered and cast Guiding Bolt, slaying the foul Radäg.  With a foul stench and crass cries, the Orc boss and his cronies came boiling out of the cave mouth. I cast Magic missile,  my glowing darts of force striking him at the same time as the shafts from Fletch and Xenya. Eldon chose that moment to cast his Sleep, sending the leader and one other off into slumber land. The remaining Orcs rushed Gregori quickly surrounding him. It was at that moment that the Ogre appeared. Sizing up the ongoing ruck, it strode forward into battle with a look of brutish glee upon its face. The brothers and I piled on our most destructive spells into the large humanoid while Fletch feathered it with as many arrows as he could, still it strode onwards, intent on Gregori. We continued to concentrate our fire and attacks on the Ogre, and dropped it just as it got to Gregori. Xenya expended a Sleep spell and put half the remaining Radäg to sleep. We then dispatched the remaining ones on their feet, and then the sleepers, leaving only the boss still alive. We questioned him, learning he was from the north, having drifted into the area with thoughts of plunder in his simple little mind. After confirming that there were not more Orcs in his band, we dispatched the thing. We took a rich haul of treasure from the Orc gang consisting of 30 Lions, 62 BlueEyes, 180 Falcons, 750 thumbs, and 3 vials of perfume, which Eldon figures he can get 30 Lions for the lot.

We bedded down and began to discuss where we will go next. Only the morrow will tell.


Salutations my friend

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